Grandfather Tobacco Creation Ceremony

A Morning Dedicated to Blessing your Prayers and Dreams

Grandfather Tobacco Creation Ceremony

Sunday, November 11, 2018

10am-1pm, Black Mountain, NC

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Whatever you are birthing, this ceremony is dedicated to your presence and connection with that sacred creation.

Whether it is family related, sacred work related, or soul expression related, this is your time to bring strength, ease, and life to your precious offering.

This is our second annual 11/11 Grandfather Tobacco Ceremony. This is a day of new beginnings.

11 is a master number for starting new and birthing new beginnings.

November 11, 2018 is a triple 11!


It's the 11/11/11 of the decade!

The plant spirit, Grandfather Tobacco, is a divine masculine plant spirit who can bring anything we wish for to life.We will work with it in a sacred ceremonial form. If you do not wish to ingest it into the body, you can work with it just as powerfully in a method we give you to connect with it outside of the body.

In the ceremony we will sit in meditation, and then move into a creation ritual.

Join us for a beautiful morning of intention, crystals, deep prayer and making waves for the year ahead.

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Sarah and Caroline
Sarah and Caroline

We will both be with you at this event.

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This course is not open for enrollment.